Our Boats


Our 42 ft Research Boat the “Double Hookup” is equipped with a spotting tower to increase our success rate. It is our most family-friendly option with no age limit. We have a bilingual tour guide along with Dalhousie University Researchers who study pilot whales and offer interesting interpretation. A hydrophone is available to hear the whales sing. The vessel is Coast Guard certified, has an easily accessible ramp, is partly covered and has a washroom on board.


The 'Tourmaster" is for those seeking a little more adventure since it's fast and low to the water. It has forward facing padded seats, is powered by twin 90 Yamahas and delivers an exhilarating ride. It is equipped with a hydrophone which enables us to hear the whales sing underwater when conditions permit. Seasickness is less likely on this type of vessel since the pontoons prevent the rolling motion. We can get very close to shore to view our spectacular rock formations and waterfalls.