Dalhousie University (Whitehead Lab) Pilot Whale Study

Capt Mark's Whale & Seal Cruise and Whitehead Lab have been dedicated to the study of Pilot whales in the Pleasant Bay area since 2000.

As a contribution to this research, owners Capt Mark Timmons and Tina Roach have allowed the researchers to board complimentary every trip throughout July and August.

The researchers record the Pilot whales' sounds and also photograph their dorsal fins in order to identify individuals. With this data, they can gather information on their social behaviours and tendencies.

We are very fortunate to be part of this team. It has increased our awareness of their habitat and well-being. It also enables us to provide adequate, well-informed information to educate people about these amazing animals.

We believe the need for understanding the behaviour of these mammals will benefit all of us in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about their research visit their website at:

The Cape Breton Pilot Whale Project: